1. Sexting is the back and forth sending of racy pictures between phones (texting, with the word “sex” in it. Catchy.)

2. It’s always dangerous because people could get the wrong idea about you if you send racy pictures of yourself around. In advisory we learned about this girl who killed herself because of all the crap people gave her for sending naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend. It could cause serious depression.


4. I can never trust all of my friends…and especially not with “racy” pictures of myself. I really don’t believe in sending naked pictures around, I think it’s degrading and stupid, so I’d never do it anyways. I have a lot of friends, and a lot of them have violated my trust.

5. There are always more dangers to sexting, depending on who recieves the picture and who sends it. Like the story of the girl who committed suicide, that’s always a danger.


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