Spectacular Pictures


This is a picture of a bald eagle in the middle of flight. I love this picture because it captures the moment perfectly and also captures the incredible movement of the bird.


This picture was taken in 2003, and I didn’t figure out what it was but I think it might be a volcanic explosion. I love this picture because it took only a second in time to take it, and it captures the moment perfectly.


This, just like the picture above of the mountain, was captured at the perfect moment. I love it because it’s so sudden.


I thought chameleons were supposed to blend in with their surroundings…this is a shocking picture. I love this because it’s completely nature, and it’s astonishing to realize that nature can produce such amazing colors.


I just love this picture because the lamb is adorable. And the picture had to be snapped at the exact moment, so it takes a lot of skill.


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