10 Jobs that No Longer Exist

1. Iceman (a man that delivered ice to houses like a milkman) – this job no longer exists because we either have ice makers in our refrigerators or we can go to a convenient store to one of the ice machines.

2. Typewriter Repairman – nobody uses typewriters anymore…so this is definitely not as common of a job as it used to be.

3. Elevator Operator – everyone knows how to operate an elevator nowadays (even though the technology has gotten so much more complicated, it’s so much easier to operate…I don’t really understand that, but it makes sense.)

4. Milkmen – people can go to the store to buy milk. Also, the glass bottles aren’t as widely used anymore.

5. Street sweeper – we have machines to sweep the streets now, so people don’t just go around with brooms and sweep the streets anymore.

6. Lamp lighters – we have electricity, and therefore do not need fire in our lamps.

7. Town crier – we use newspapers instead of these people (who shout out the news to people that walk past).

8. Coal tender (on a steam locomotive) – we don’t use steam trains anymore, so this isn’t needed.

9. Switchboard operators – we don’t even use those things anymore, because technology is so highly advanced since the invention of the telephone.

10. Telegraph operators – I don’t even know what a telegraph is, but it sounds pretty old, so we probably don’t have those things anymore either.

11. Shoe makers – there might be some still around, but usually shoes are made in factories.

12. Candle makers – I guess those are probably made in factories too now.

13. Newspaper print setters – printing isn’t done by hand anymore, or by the old machinery they used to use, so people aren’t needed to set newspaper print.


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