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10 Jobs that No Longer Exist

1. Iceman (a man that delivered ice to houses like a milkman) – this job no longer exists because we either have ice makers in our refrigerators or we can go to a convenient store to one of the ice machines.

2. Typewriter Repairman – nobody uses typewriters anymore…so this is definitely not as common of a job as it used to be.

3. Elevator Operator – everyone knows how to operate an elevator nowadays (even though the technology has gotten so much more complicated, it’s so much easier to operate…I don’t really understand that, but it makes sense.)

4. Milkmen – people can go to the store to buy milk. Also, the glass bottles aren’t as widely used anymore.

5. Street sweeper – we have machines to sweep the streets now, so people don’t just go around with brooms and sweep the streets anymore.

6. Lamp lighters – we have electricity, and therefore do not need fire in our lamps.

7. Town crier – we use newspapers instead of these people (who shout out the news to people that walk past).

8. Coal tender (on a steam locomotive) – we don’t use steam trains anymore, so this isn’t needed.

9. Switchboard operators – we don’t even use those things anymore, because technology is so highly advanced since the invention of the telephone.

10. Telegraph operators – I don’t even know what a telegraph is, but it sounds pretty old, so we probably don’t have those things anymore either.

11. Shoe makers – there might be some still around, but usually shoes are made in factories.

12. Candle makers – I guess those are probably made in factories too now.

13. Newspaper print setters – printing isn’t done by hand anymore, or by the old machinery they used to use, so people aren’t needed to set newspaper print.



1. Sexting is the back and forth sending of racy pictures between phones (texting, with the word “sex” in it. Catchy.)

2. It’s always dangerous because people could get the wrong idea about you if you send racy pictures of yourself around. In advisory we learned about this girl who killed herself because of all the crap people gave her for sending naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend. It could cause serious depression.


4. I can never trust all of my friends…and especially not with “racy” pictures of myself. I really don’t believe in sending naked pictures around, I think it’s degrading and stupid, so I’d never do it anyways. I have a lot of friends, and a lot of them have violated my trust.

5. There are always more dangers to sexting, depending on who recieves the picture and who sends it. Like the story of the girl who committed suicide, that’s always a danger.

Spectacular Pictures


This is a picture of a bald eagle in the middle of flight. I love this picture because it captures the moment perfectly and also captures the incredible movement of the bird.


This picture was taken in 2003, and I didn’t figure out what it was but I think it might be a volcanic explosion. I love this picture because it took only a second in time to take it, and it captures the moment perfectly.


This, just like the picture above of the mountain, was captured at the perfect moment. I love it because it’s so sudden.


I thought chameleons were supposed to blend in with their surroundings…this is a shocking picture. I love this because it’s completely nature, and it’s astonishing to realize that nature can produce such amazing colors.


I just love this picture because the lamb is adorable. And the picture had to be snapped at the exact moment, so it takes a lot of skill.

Illustrator Chapter 3

In this chapter, I learned how to work with shapes and lines to create images of my own (such as the pencil and the pencil can.) I also learned important things such as how to change the units of measure – in the chapter, it goes by inches, but in Illustrator it went by pixels. I had to figure out how to match them on my own.

(A) report on emerging and innovative computer technologies; and

Report on upcoming and creative computer technologies;

(B) conduct research and experimentation in computer technology.

Execute research and experimentation in computer technology;



Illustrator Chapter 0/1

In this chapter, I learned how to deal with colors and selecting tools. I also learned how to use viewing options to change the way the picture is positioned on the screen.

(B) identify the inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback associated with computer systems; and

Recognize the parts of the computer that produce inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback;

(C) describe how the interaction of technical systems helps solve complex problems.

Show how technical systems like computers help solve problems that human minds can’t.



Illustrator Chapter 2

In this chapter, I learned how to select and deselect groups and how to add pictures to groups. I also learned how to align objects as single selections or as group selections. The main tools used were the selection tools.

(B) describe the factors that affect the purchase and use of computer products and services;

Show different events that affect the buying of computers and services;

(C) distinguish between mainframe, workstation, personal, and other computer systems;

Analyze the difference between mainframe, workstation, and personal computer systems;




Photoshop Lesson 7

In this chapter we learned how to work with “industry negatives.” We also learned different organization and preparation skills.

(A) describe and apply different quality control techniques in computer technology; and

Explain and use different quality control techniques in computer technology;

(B) apply continuous quality improvement techniques to computer activities.

Use quality improvement techniques with computer activities.